New England Wedding + Elopement Photographer — Why We Donate To Non-Profit Organizations

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Sydney Kerbyson

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February 9, 2021

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NH Wedding + Elopement Photography: Beyond capturing memories, I wanted to create impactful, lasting, change.

What if planning a wedding could also help your community? Well, it can! Starting July 2020, whether my couples elope or plan a full wedding, 5% of their wedding package gets donated to a non-profit organization of their choice. This is not a seasonal offer—it is permanent.

Planning your wedding could also help your community

The concept of booking a wedding vendor that automatically helps a community in need was not my first goal at the beginning of 2020—I’ll be honest! I was still getting traction in the wedding world and just doing my best to process the world’s state without feeling sick to my stomach (sound familiar?). Of course, this changed. There were many times throughout last year that I had to stare my goals and purpose as a business owner straight in the face. What was the impact that I wanted my work to have on the wedding industry? My passion grew beyond photographing one of the most impactful times in my couples’ lives. Equally important to me was creating impactful, lasting, change.

So, with our world in a complete and utter mess last year, we did a little bit of soul-searching. The concept of donating to non-profits was born, and with it came purpose—something that mattered and something that would last. My couples have the ability to give back to a cause they care about all awhile planning their wedding day, and the community gains support in return. It is a win-win all around!

The belief that capturing memories can also have a larger and more lasting impact on the world…

Planning your wedding could also help your community

Booking Feels Better

In only six months time, the following non-profits have been supported in the year 2020 by my outstanding couples:

It has genuinely surprised me to see such variety in community support. Both local and large non-profit organizations with so many different purposes. This is where greater change starts.

Honestly, I wish ALL vendors did this, because there is so much joy that goes around. Everyone feels just THAT much better walking into the wedding planning process knowing we made a little bit of “good” happen in the world. It’s the belief that capturing memories can also have a larger and more lasting impact on the world, and that we can work as a team to make it happen. If you are a wedding vendor or couple interested in learning more on how to include community support to your wedding (or if you just want to connect!), feel free to contact me here!



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