frequently asked questions

Everything within 30 miles of me is included! However, with the increasing cost of travel, I now charge anything beyond 30 miles of my location based on the range (i.e. under 60 miles away or under 90 miles away).

If I am flying for your location or it is required of me to stay at a hotel in order to cover your day, that would be additional and discussed together prior to booking.

5% of your wedding package will go toward the non-profit organization of your choice. I have always been a firm believer in building up our communities in any way we can: shopping small and local, choosing greener and more sustainable options, and actively serving and supporting our non-profit organizations. This is a small step towards doing so—both in supporting what means most to you, and to supporting others that desire to make change happen.

To secure your date and booking, I require a flat fee of $2000 for weddings with 5 hours of coverage and above, or $1500 for elopements and small ceremonies upon signing the contract.

You bet I am!! I am officially insured through State Farm Insurance. If your venue requires you to have an insured photographer, or if you would like your wedding/elopement photographer to be insured for sound-of-mind, then I've gotchu!

INITIALLY, you will receive an online gallery to view the entirety of your finished photos. This allows you to download immediately and share away with friends and family!

Both wedding and elopement photos are delivered to you on a beautifully engraved USB and safely kept in a glass-wooden box. This is sent to you once the engraved box has been ordered and approved by me, and only you to make your photography package includes a limited number of photo choices.

This is package dependent. For elopement or small ceremonies—14 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding federal holidays)! For weddings, up to 30 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding federal holidays)