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Heck to the yeah, friend, you are MARRIED! You flippin’ did the thang, and now you have officially received your wedding gallery. Now what? Okay, I’m going to say this a million times over—print your wedding photos. Seriously, print them before you regret not doing so. Maybe you’re like me back in the day when […]

A New England Wedding Photographer’s “Why” Behind Printing Your Wedding Photos



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What if planning a wedding could also help your community? Well, it can! Starting July 2020, whether my couples elope or plan a full wedding, 5% of their wedding package gets donated to a non-profit organization of their choice. This is not a seasonal offer—it is permanent. Beyond capturing memories, I wanted to create impactful, […]

New England Wedding + Elopement Photographer — Why We Donate To Non-Profit Organizations

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New England Wedding Photographer — Why We Donate To Non-Profits

"Absolute professional and SO FUN to work with. My husband nor I enjoy having our pictures taken, yet we look like we're having the time of our lives in our pictures. Her work is MAGIC."

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