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My dream is to serve my couples & community in only the best of ways. My couples deserve the world, and I want them to FEEL that from me in both how we work with one another, to how I can best be present on their wedding day. 

I like to begin our journey together by simply getting to know you better. I want to know what makes you two tick, and all of your favorite quirks about one another. This not only helps me in the creative process to authentically capture "YOU," but it also helps me know your story better & know how to best serve you! Pssssst....it also helps me know what to send ya for some extra special welcome treats!! 

Let's get the ball rolling.

More About why

My grandparents were the "poster couples" for old love stories. My papa woke up every morning singing and whistling the same special tune to my nana, and my grandpa would always love playing silly little tricks on my grandma that would make her go, "Oh, BLAINE!" 

        Luella + Blaine | Leo + Dolores 

Two special, timeless, and unique love stories that I never get sick of learning more about. Both of their love stories can be told through photographs. Endless. Photographs. That, and love letters to one another (in the early days). Each and every photograph is cherished to this day, and can be used to tell their life story with one another for years to come.

Simply, I adore memories.

Hi, I'm Sydney

Together, we ensure you are in the "up & up" on all things that have to do with photography. You will receive a custom guide that helps plan your day-of timeline. In other words, ALL THE GOODS! 

Depending on whether or not you hire a wedding planner, we will stay connected throughout your wedding planning process. By the day-of your wedding day, we will be SO READY to capture the next chapter in your life story!

Have you ever eaten a meal that takes you back to "the good 'ol days"? The first bite puts your soul right back into joy and comfort felt right back into that time. All it took was that first taste. 

A photograph has the same power. They have the uncanny power to take you back in time and celebrate all the little and big moments in your life. It is a gift of time-travel. 

Why photos should matter to you too.

We're storytellers...

Living in Northern New Hampshire has its perks of having more wild-wooded country right at your feet. I often get a lot of my inspiration while on long trail walks beside our A-frame apartment with my pupper (Hank) and hon (Harry). 

Sunset drives and walks with my best friends.

Harry, Hank and I ADORE traveling, being in the mountains, wading beside Biddeford Pool's ocean waters, and trying to find our next favorite New England brewery. A current goal of mine is to take a polaroid photo at every brewery we visit and start a brew-hop scrapbook.

Breweries and several polaroids.

I should also mention my absolute adoration exploring antique shops, farmers markets, or any place that sells plants.  Concord, NH has made me a guaranteed shopper. Must I not forget coffee shops either (honey, oat-milk cappuccino, please!)...

Antique shops, farmers markets, and plant shops

Not only do I adore traveling around the world, but I truly ADORE kicking it back and finding a great little spot in the White Mountains to camp. I could camp for weeks. In fact, I have camped for 8 weeks straight in 2015 (tent + sleeping bag, babyyy).

Traveling the world & enjoying the slow moments 

I have never been the type of person to stick to one "creative lifestyle." For years, I have been working with my dad in the wood-shop building all kinds of furniture, decorative pieces, helping to expand the farm, & making custom wooden frames for both my own home and client pieces.

Working in the family wood-shop.

In my free time...

what to expect


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